Monday, September 19, 2005

Meet Successful

We had 55+ participants for the meet and was well received by all. Sincere thanks to Malabar Natural History Society, Kerala Forest Department and the organisers.

We will put up more reports and checklists soon.

Monday, September 12, 2005

FAQ ButterflyIndia Meet 2005

[This document is being updated frequently.]

What is this Meeting / Meet / Workshop / Seminar / Conference is officially called ?

It is "ButterflyIndia Meet 2005".

What is the registration fee for the Meet?

It is Rs. 200/- per head. (Rs. 100/- for students). Special thanks to MNHS and FD, for providing assistance, to keep the fee so less.

Should I bring a sleeping bag?

Yes, it is recommended to bring sleeping bag with you.

Is it raining in Aralam ? Should I bring Raincoat / Umbrella?

It is likely to rain in Aralam during the meet days.

Is person X going to be there ?

Check out at

What kind of accommodation will be available?

Dormatories are available in Aralam WLS.

What is the program schedule like ? Is the talk “blah blah” going to be there? How much time is allocated for outdoor sessions ?

Check out at

What kind of food will be available?

Simple Vegetarian food will be there.

What should I bring there?

Sleeping bag, Rainwear, essential cloths and medicine, field guides, and camera (if you have).

How do I reach there?

Check out at

Where do I report? Is there any conveyance from Iritty to Aralam?

Report at the forest office I Iritty which is opposite Iritty Police station. Someone will be there to guide you.

I still have questions L

Check out how to contact at

Friday, September 09, 2005

Schedule of the meet

Date Time Activity Anchors
8hrs-13hrs Awaiting the participants, Preparation time for anchor team; Informal mingling; butterfly watching for the early birds, lunch

14-15.30hrs Formal Inauguration Organizers and FD

15.30hrs Tea break

16-16.45hrs Why watch Butterflies? E.Kunhikrishnan

17-19.30hrs Photographing Butterflies TNA Perumal, Mayilvahan

19.30-20 hrs Dinner, Making groups for field sessions, discussions etc.

21-22 hrs Butterfly identification for beginners Jaffer Pallot, Subramanian
7.30-8.30hrs Breakfast

8.30-9.30hrs Specialist Workshop - De-hyping Blues Susanth Kumar, Karthikeyan

10.00 -12.30 hrs Field Session

12.30-14hrs Lunch

14-15hrs Specialist Workshop - Know your Skippers Kunhikrishnan

15hrs Tea break

15.15-16hrs Butterly Migration Jafer Palot, Pramod

16-18hrs Field Session

18-18.45hrs Studying Lifecycles and Butterfly Gardening Soubhadra, Kunhikrishnan

19-19.45 hrs Nature Education through Butterflies Karthikeyan, Pramod

20-21hrs Dinner

21-21.45hrs Conservation of Butterfly Habitats George Mathew, Aravind N A

21.45-22.30 hrs Emerging Fields- Moths George Mathew, Alka Vaidya, Abhilash Peters
7.30-8.30hrs Breakfast

8.30-9.30hrs Emerging Fields-Dragonflies and damselflies Francy Kakkaserry, Subramanian

10-12hrs Field Session

12.30-13.30hrs Lunch

13.30-15 hrs Valedictory session


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Contact Details


1. Vijay Barve: Ph: 080-28568000-002 (O); 09845080456(m)
2. K.A.Subramanian: Ph:080-23636420-432 (Extn:4231,4232) (O); 09845881252 (m)
3. N.A.Aravind: Ph: 09448124570(m)

Kerala (Kannur, Kozhikode)

1. Jaffer Pallot: Ph: 09447470439 (m)