Monday, September 12, 2005

FAQ ButterflyIndia Meet 2005

[This document is being updated frequently.]

What is this Meeting / Meet / Workshop / Seminar / Conference is officially called ?

It is "ButterflyIndia Meet 2005".

What is the registration fee for the Meet?

It is Rs. 200/- per head. (Rs. 100/- for students). Special thanks to MNHS and FD, for providing assistance, to keep the fee so less.

Should I bring a sleeping bag?

Yes, it is recommended to bring sleeping bag with you.

Is it raining in Aralam ? Should I bring Raincoat / Umbrella?

It is likely to rain in Aralam during the meet days.

Is person X going to be there ?

Check out at

What kind of accommodation will be available?

Dormatories are available in Aralam WLS.

What is the program schedule like ? Is the talk “blah blah” going to be there? How much time is allocated for outdoor sessions ?

Check out at

What kind of food will be available?

Simple Vegetarian food will be there.

What should I bring there?

Sleeping bag, Rainwear, essential cloths and medicine, field guides, and camera (if you have).

How do I reach there?

Check out at

Where do I report? Is there any conveyance from Iritty to Aralam?

Report at the forest office I Iritty which is opposite Iritty Police station. Someone will be there to guide you.

I still have questions L

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