Saturday, September 27, 2008

ButterflyIndia Day 2008

4th October 2001 is the foundation day of ButterflyIndia group. Last years we have been discussing about Celebrating this Day as ButterflyIndia Day. Let us do it from this year.

Since it is convenient to celebrate on a weekend, and ButterflyIndia Meet in Uttarakhand is happening in the same week, for this year we are proposing to celebrate on 12th October 2008 weekend. We need not restrict to the weekend but some activities may be done during the preceding week.

How are we celebrating ?

Innovative ides are welcome but here some
- Organise an outing to introduce new friends to Butterfly Watching
- Organise slide shows in Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Nature Clubs etc.
- Organise a Photo Exhibition
- Put up a web exhibition and publicise it
- Prepare Butterfly posters and distribute
Do suggest more ideas.

We will also put a schedule of all the celebrations on the blog. So it will help other members from your city to contact those who are organising events.

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