Monday, February 11, 2008

FAQ ButterflyIndia Meet 2008

[This document is being updated frequently.]

What is this Meeting / Meet / Workshop / Seminar / Conference is officially called ?

"ButterflyIndia Meet 2008: NB" North Bengal (March-21st, 2008)

How do I Register for the meet ?

Send email to Arjan( and cc to Vijay (

Should I bring Sleeping bag there?

Yes, it is a must. Bring sleeping bag and mattress with you.

Is it expected to Rain there? Should I bring Raincoat / Umbrella?

As the weather is in its transitional phase so there may be rain may not be. so at least an umbrella and few plastic covers for camera, binox you should bring.

What kind of accommodation will be available?

The stay is going to be in Forest Dormitory and Tents.

What is the program schedule like ? Is the talk "blah blah" going to be there? How much time is allocated for outdoor sessions ?

North Bengal meet schedule is available now. But it may be altered a little according to situation demand.

What kind of food will be available?

Simple Veg and Non veg food will be there.

How do I reach there?

Details are posted on Yahoo group as well as this blog.

What are the things I should carry along with me ?

  1. Sleeping bag & Mattress
  2. Light warm clothes
  3. Umbrella/ Rain-coat
  4. Personal medicines
  5. Mosquito repellant cream
  6. Torch, Candle & Matchbox
  7. Rope & Polythene sheath for rain protection in the field
  8. Cap
  9. Water bottle
  10. Extra battery pack for camera, torch etc.
  11. Note book & Pencil

I still have questions

Write to Vijay Barve - call 9845080456
For North Bengal Meet call Arjan 09230532706 or Rudraprasad Das 098305-17019

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