Thursday, August 02, 2007

FAQ ButterflyIndia Meet 2007

[This document is being updated frequently.]

What is this Meeting / Meet / Workshop / Seminar / Conference is officially called ?

"ButterflyIndia Meet 2007 : WG" Western Ghats (June 1-4, 2007) and "ButterflyIndia Meet 2007 : EG" Eastern Ghats (August 16-19, 2007)

How do I Register for the meet ?

Send the EG Registration form to Ushodayan ( and cc to Vijay (

Should I bring Sleeping bag there?

Yes, it is recommended to bring sleeping bag with you.

Is it expected to Rain there? Should I bring Raincoat / Umbrella?

It may rain during the meet days. It is recommended to bring raincoat and lot of polythene covers to protect your belongings at both camp sites.

Is person X going to be there ?

The confirmation phase for WG has started and check your confirmation status EG Meet List The list does not include local organizers.

WG meet is over WG Meet List . The list does not include local organizers.

C - Confirm
T - Tentative
D - Dropped

And in case of any confusion get in touch with Vijay immediately

What kind of accommodation will be available?

The stay is going to be in Forest Dormitory and Tents.

What is the program schedule like ? Is the talk “blah blah” going to be there? How much time is allocated for outdoor sessions ?

Eastern Ghats meet schedule is available now.

What kind of food will be available?

Simple Vegetarian food will be there.

How do I reach there?

Details are posted on Yahoo group as well as this blog.

I still have questions

Write to Vijay Barve - call 9845080456
For Eastern Ghats Meet call Ushodayan 09949297898.

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