Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How to reach North Bengal Meet Site

Note: This is draft document and may undergo many changes over coming weeks.

Where is Jayanti and Samsing?

These are located near Jalpaiguri district of Upper West Bengal.
Nearest Railway Station - New Jalpaiguri and New Alipurduar
Samsing is a 2 hrs drive from NJP and Jayanti an hour drive from New Alipurduar
Nearest Airhead - Kolkata and Baghdogra
From Kolkata NJP is a journey of 15 hrs and new alipurduar 18 hrs.
From Bagdogra NJP is an hour far and Jayanti is a drive of 6 hrs.

How to reach ?

All participants have to report at New Alipurduar @ 11.00 Hrs on 16th March 2008.

New Alipurdaur (NOQ ) is on Kolkata - Guwahati route. Kolkatta team will take Saraighata Express on 15 march 2008 @ 16.00 Hrs. So participants are encouraged to book in the same train for Kolkatta.

As New Alipurduar is not a common place to go from southern or western india, There are very few trains from Mumbai, Bangalore and Trivandram etc. Its better to come to Kolkata by train or air and board train from here. Train to Kolkata are available daily from all the metro cities.

From Kolkata the following trains are available :

2345up Saraighat Express Departure from Howrah daily at 4 p.m and will reach new Alipurduar on the next day morning at 5.00 AM arround

3141up Tistatorsha Express Departure from Sealdah daily at 1.35 p.m and will reach new Alipurduar on the next day morning at 8.00 AM around

5959up Kamrup Express Departure from Howrah daily at 5.35 p.m and will reach new Alipurduar on the next day morning at 10.00 AM arround

For the return journey

Darjeling mail fro New Jalpaigudi (NJP) to Kolkata(HWH) on 21st March 2007.

Train leaving from New Jalpaiguri in the evening and will reach Kolkata by the next day morning. you can avail any connecting train from Kolkata to your home town after 3.00pm on 22nd March safely, or you can fly from Kolkata by some evening flights.


You are welcome to plan other trips (Jaldapara, Gorumara, Buxa, Neora Valley, Singalila, or even Sikkim) outside the schedule of the meet and hence can plan for a longer duration vacation in the North West Bengal.

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