Thursday, July 14, 2005

How to reach Aaralam WLS

From Bangalore

  • Take a bus to Kannur or Thalassery & you can alight in front of the Wildlife Warden's Office (opposite Police Station) at Iritty. Buses generally reach early in the morning. If you get down at Iritty bus stop, the office of the Wildlife Warden is just 700m from there (Auto minimum charge).

From South Kerala

  • By train or bus you will have to reach Thalassery. Take a private bus to Iritty (40km).

From Other Parts

  • By train/bus you will have to reach Kannur. Take a private bus to Iritty (44km)

Do book the tickets early -> return tickets can get tight soon as its Onam Vacation in Kerala.

Nearest Airport : Calicut (120km)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Program Sessions

Here is the first draft of the program. We are working on the logistics and and other arrangements. We are also in touch with "Anchor Team" members and getting their confirmations.

Anchor team are the people who would be conductong the sessions.

Workshops : Tentative Anchor Team
  1. Why watch butterflies?: Kunhikrishnan
  2. Photographing Butterflies : TNA Perumal, Mayilvahan
  3. Butterfly Identification Workshop - 1 : Jafer Palot
  4. Butterfly Identification Workshop - 2 : Jafer Palot, K A Subramanian
  5. Specialist Workshop - De-hyping Blues : Susanth Kumar, Karthikeyan
  6. Specialist Workshop - Know ur Skippers : Kunhikrishnan
  7. Butterly Migration : Jafer Palot, Soubhadra
  8. Studying Lifecycles and Butterfly Gardening : Soubhadra, Susanth Kumar, Kunhikrishnan, Chandrashekhara
  9. Nature Education through Butterflies : Karthikeyan, Pramod P, Susanth Kumar
  10. Conservation of Butterfly Habitats : Kunhikrishnan, Soubhadra, George Mathew, Aravind N A
  11. Emerging Fields - Moths : George Mathew, Alka Vaidya, Ajith Peters
  12. Emerging Fields - Dragonflies & Damselflies : K A Subramanian, Francy Kakkassery
Bold indicates participation confirmed.

Hope you all find this interesting and useful. Send me your sugeastions
to finetune it, if any. (