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Registration Form : EG 2007

Registration details for Butterfly India Meet-2007

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Gender:

4. Traveling details of the participants:

§ Date of arrival at Rajahmundry

§ Is stay requirement at Rajahmundry: Yes/No

§ Details of stay requirement at Rajahmundry

o Number of persons

o Tariff range Low/Medium/High

(Charges of accommodation in Rajahmundry is not included in the registration charges)

5. Will you be presenting any paper/presentation/photo exhibition during the meet?


6. If yes, then mention topic for presentation:

7. Mode of payment: DD/MO

Amount to be paid Rs. 1,800/- in favour of Butterfly Conservation Society payable at Hyderabad

Enclosed is my remittance of Rs. ______ as registration fees for ­­­_______ number of participants by MO/DD number _____­__ dated __


Date: Signature

Contact details with phone number:

E-mail ID:

Send the above information filled in to USHODAYAN THAMPY with a copy to Vijay Barve

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eastern Ghats Meet Location : Background Information

Andhra Pradesh

The state of Andhra Pradesh occupies a very pivotal place in the eastern plank of Southern Peninsula. The vegetation profile is varied. The presence of Eastern Ghats comprising of an assemblage of discontinued hill ranges and valleys originating in Orissa state and passing the state upto Nilgiris of Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu where it joins there with its rich but unexplored faunal and floral biodiversity.

The tropical region in the state has resulted in varied habitats which include

(a) Tropical evergreen forests

(b) Semi evergreen forests

(c) Moist deciduous forests

(d) Tropical dry deciduous forests (of both teak and non-teak bearing ones)

(e) Mixed dry deciduous forests

(f) Savannah and scrub forests

(g) Wetlands

The most prominent densely forested ranges of Eastern Ghats include Nallmalai hills, Araku hills along with their valleys, Papikonda hills, Seshachalam hills and Tirupathi sporting rich biodiversity in flora and fauna.

The state boast many wildlife sanctuaries including Kawal wildlife sanctuary, Gundla Brahmeswara sanctuary, Nagarjuna-Srisailam Tiger sanctuary, Kinnersani sanctuary, Papikonda sanctuary, Etturnagaram-Pakhal sanctuary, not to mention many deer parks around the city of Hyderabad which are noted to sustain large populations of uncommon and rare butterflies in their varied habitats.

Butterfly India Meet 2007

Butterfly Conservation Society (BCS) is privileged to organize a Butterfly Meet for the first time in Andhra Pradesh from 16th to 19th August 2007.. About 30 butterfly experts are expected to participate in this meet. The delegates will survey different locations in Maredumilli for three days. BCS will come out with a checklist of butterflies in these three days, which will be useful for further studies and discoveries. The meet will also include presentations and lectures by Resource persons. Participants can present any research papers or field experience during the meet. (LCD projector would be available at the camp site. Prior intimation is required to avail this facility)

About Maredumilli and butterflies

Maredumilli, a part of the Eastern Ghats landscape, is the camp site for our Eastern Ghats meet in 2007. It forms a canopy that even prevents sunrays from entering the ground. The semi evergreen forests with undulating terrain of Maredumilli are bestowed with rich biodiversity. The area enjoys several streams and rivulets, rich in medicinal plants making the place suitable for butterflies and other insects.

Maredumilli provides an excellent opportunity to explore for biodiversity of Eastern Ghats. Apart from variety of animals and plants, one can see many butterflies throughout the year. Other than commonly seen butterflies one can see Grey Count, Oakleaf, Blue Mormon and many more…..

The participants should meet at Rajahmundry railway station at 6.00 am on 16 August 2007. Transportation will be arranged from Rajahmundry to Camp site (Maredumilli) and back to Rajahmundry. The programme starts at Maredumilli from 2.00 pm on 16 August 2007.

Venue details

Maredumilli is about 70 Kms from Rajahmundry. Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation run regular buses from Rajahmundry bus station to Maredumilli. The Bus station is located near the Railway station. Rajahmundry also has regular flights from Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

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EG Meet Organisers : Butterfly Conservation Society, Hyderabad, AP

About the Society

The Butterfly Conservation Society was founded in December 2005 by a few enthusiasts from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, with the objective of spreading the message of conservation of valuable butterfly fauna and other insects and also to protect their habitats and to create awareness among both the young and old.

The society organises filed trips. Lectures, nature camps, film and slide shows. It is registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act 2001 with its registration number 293 of 2006.


1. To generate interest in butterflies and their conservation among young and old.

2. To create awareness among people about the beneficial role of butterflies and other insects their habitats towards a healthy ecosystem.

3. Networking with other organisation in nature conservation including research and also to conduct workshop and training programmes to enhance knowledge on this subject.

4. To provide, equip and maintain a museum and other repositories for butterflies and other insects along with herbarium consisting of butterfly flora which provide nectar for adults and larval food plants.

5. Assisting educational and other institutions and in individual homes and parks for erecting butterfly gardens/parks in their premises.

6. Develop database on butterflies available in AP and to prepare field guide on butterflies in Andhra Pradesh.

7. To bring out a newsletter on butterflies to publish and exchange information on butterflies.

About the logo

The logo of the society highlights BLUE MORMON, a beautiful papilionid, along with a message for protecting the habitats of butterflies and other fauna.

The Butterflies

Of the 1500 species of butterflies reported from India, about 170 species (figures tentative) are recorded in Andhra Pradesh, covered under 5 major families viz., Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae, Lycaenidae and Hesperiidae.

Important butterflies requiring conservation efforts


§ Spot Swordtail

§ Common Mime


§ Painted Jezebel (endemic to Eastern Ghats)

§ Striped Albatross

§ Common Albatross

§ Great Orange Tip


§ Orange Oakleaf

§ Tawny Rajah

§ Black Rajah

§ Common Baron

§ Common Sergeant

§ Glassy Tiger

§ Dark-brand Bushbrown

§ Common Palmfly

§ Nigger

§ Brown King Crow

§ Short-banded Sailer

§ Common Lascar

§ Painted Lady

§ Plum Judy

§ Clipper


§ Common Hedge Blue

§ Metallic Cerulean

§ Peacock Royal

§ Indian Cupid

§ Monkey Puzzle

§ Common Silverline

§ Shot Silverline

§ Forget-me-Not


§ Pale Palm Dart

§ African Marbled Skipper

§ Giant Redeye

§ Restricted Demon

§ Golden Angle


The society has conducted various awareness programmes in educational institutions. Also many butterfly walks have been organised in and around Hyderabad. The society has been involved in various biodiversity conservation programmes conducted by governmental and non-governmental organisations. The society has received very encouraging and responsive coverage from every TV channel such as ETV, ZEE TV, MAA TV, TV9, and Gemini TV and from prominent newspapers such as The Hindu, The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle and EENADU highlighting our concerns and activities periodically.

Facilities for members of the society

§ Regular butterfly field trips

§ Indoor meetings conducted for lectures

§ Discussions and talks

§ Film and slide shows

§ Annual nature camps in various wildlife sanctuaries and parks

§ Nature photography

§ Access to library periodicals, journals and research papers on butterflies

The Butterfly Conservation Society (BCS) Hyderabad, AP depends on voluntary support of its members and that of philanthropic organisations and other individuals.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact:

Butterfly Conservation Society
Hyderabad – 500029
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 09441186822 (C), 040-27638316 (LL)

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