Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meet T Shirt

We are making T Shirts of ButterflyIndia group on the occasion of Meet 2006.

The credits for this goes to Arif Siddiqui for the Photograph, Kamlesh Mehta for the Design and Yuwaraj Gurjar for the Concept and Execution.

These T shirts will be part of Registration for the members who are attending the Meet 2006.

The members who are not able to make it for the meet are also encouraged to buy them.

The price of the T shirt is Rs. 175/-. There are M, L, XL or XXL. It is white T shirt.
Please note that it is an artists impression of the design and NOT photograph of actual product.

Please get in touch with ONE of the following people for your orders at the earliest. As the Meet is approaching fast, and we need some time to produce these shirts, please respond soon.

Yuwaraj Gurjar <>
Vijay Barve <>


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