Friday, July 14, 2006

FAQ ButterflyIndia Meet 2006

[This document is being updated frequently.]

What is this Meeting / Meet / Workshop / Seminar / Conference is officially called ?

It is "ButterflyIndia Meet 2006".

Should I bring a sleeping bag?

Yes, it is recommended to bring sleeping bag with you.

Is it raining in Jairampur ? Should I bring Raincoat / Umbrella?

It is going to rain in Jairampur during the meet days. It is mandatory to bring two piece (Shirt Pant) raincoat and lot of polythene covers to protect your belongings.

Should I carry woolens ?

The temparture at Jairampur will be hot and humid and may go up to 35-38 degrees if no clouds and rains for many days . Nights are a little cold but no woolen are required.

Please note that if you are travelling to areas like Tawang before or after the meet, you may need to carry medium/light woolen.

Is person X going to be there ?

Check out at Here

C - Confirmed
T - Tentative
D - Dropped

What kind of accommodation will be available?

The stay is going to be a local school from 20th afternoon to 25th afternoon.

Would Mobile phones work there ?

There is decent connectivity for BSNL mobiles.

What is the program schedule like ? Is the talk “blah blah” going to be there? How much time is allocated for outdoor sessions ?

Will be intimated soon.

What kind of food will be available?

Simple Vegetarian food will be there.

What should I bring there?

Sleeping bag, Rainwear, essential cloths and medicine, field guides, and camera (if you have). A Mosquito net & camp torch is required per participant (mandatory) A plastic cover which can accommodate all the bags (of a participant) would be ideal in case of heavy rain.

How do I reach there?

Check out here

What about Inner Line Permit (ILP) ?

It is required to have Inner Line ermit Check the details here.

[The ILP are required only when entering the Arunachal Pradesh. In this case all the ILPs will be checked at Jairampur Gate itself as this this town is exactly on Assam-Arunachal Border.The copies of ILP will be made available with the officer in charge of police at check gate well in advance. Myself or my friends from NSEWC will also be there at gate to receive members. The original ILP I will handover to you when you reach Jairampur. Member should note that this ILP would be purely for Jairampur area, it cant serve to enter other location in Arunachal Pradesh.]

Waht about Bank or ATMs in Jairampur ?

Unfortunately there are no ATMs there. SBI has a branch.

Are there Medicial Shops ?


I still have questions

Write to Vijay Barve - or Arif -


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