Monday, June 26, 2006

More about Jairampur

Jairampur & adjacent forests fall under an IBA notified by IBCN as Namtok- Namheik-Nampong-Manmao. This is a small IBA compared the neighbouring Namdhapha - however, the area has a similar richness in butterflies and a better road access than Namdhapha

Three full-day trekking routes are identified (subject to change acc. local wisdom of Arif)
  • Rima-Lungpang Area

  • Kanlala-Manmao Area

  • Namgoi-Kovin Area
and all these places are excellent butterfly areas. The forests here are interspread with jhoom plantations and a river or a stream criss crosses the forests in most paths. The idea is to divide the team into small units and drop them along the route and pick them back in the evening. This way we will get a very good cover of the area and Arif can finally come up with a consolidated checklist of this area.

Apart from butterflies, people can also keep a look out for birds (several mid-altitudinal species occur here in abundance), dragonflies (extremly interesting), spiders, snakes etc.

Our stay is arranged at a place which is centrally located from all these places. There is excellent habitat very next this and some of us can take some school children during one of the "less-field work" days to show the butterflies. Same as the popular "Breakfast with Butterflies" programme.

And on the weather - rains are inevitable in Arunchal. Twin piece rain coat is a MUST for field work. A plastic bag which can enclose all the bags, equipments & clothes of the participant is also required to keep them dry at the camp.

- By Parveen J


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